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Marco Shipyard: Rolling With The Changes

Over their lifetime, fishing vessels are arguably the most robustly constructed maritime structures around, due to their continuous operation in the most ardu- ous of conditions. Marco Shipyard in

Seattle — founded in 1953 — built its business and reputation in the fishing industry, producing boats for operation around the globe. In fact. Peter G.

Schmidt, company founder and presi- dent. was an innovator in the use of steel construction for the fishing vessel mar- ket, which previously consisted mostly of wooden boats. "He wanted to bring small boatbuilding into the modern world," said Bob McMahon, vice presi- dent. While the market for building new fishing vessels is a far cry from 10 years ago, Marco Shipyard has parlayed its marine expertise and built a company with the facilities, the personnel, the hardware and the software technology that have enabled it to command a repu- tation of one of the finest builders of tug- boats and pilot boats in the United

States. According to McMahon. the company will expand its opportunities further in the coming months, when it will announce a licensing agreement to build aluminum fast ferries, primarily for the vessel-hungry California market.

Located on Seattle's Lake Washington

Ship Channel. Marco Shipyard has, for nearly half a century served as the lead- ing builder of steel and aluminum ves- sels for the Pacific Northwest. The ship- yard — which touts itself as a true full- service facility — has constructed ves- sels of nearly every type, ranging from oil spill recovery vessels to fishing ves- sels to the most advanced Z-drive tugs in the world. Since the mid-1960s. the yard has built more than 100 steel and alu- minum tugboats, pilot boats, workboats and fishing vessels ranging from 58 to 160 ft. (17/7 to 49 m).

Star Gazing

Marco Shipyard's approach to vessel construction and repair has engendered a .(flVlgjirSllhipyagj.Se^tjtlJjais consrderabIf experience in builcliiiavs%nTe.oMhe-"\$oi Id's most"advanced Z-di ivc^tu-as l-. J. r - w^Bi -




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November, 2001

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