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Monitoring & Control images. Once objects are created, they can be resized, rotated or moved using the "handles" that appear when the object is selected. Additionally, opera- tors are able to switch CIMPLICITY screens in less than half a second, ensur- ing accurate data and quick response.

Since CIMPLICITY was developed under Windows NT, it interfaces easily with any third-party equipment, and screens can be easily adapted to reflect replaced or upgraded equipment.

Techsol took advantage of the soft- ware's open architecture by creating

AutoCAD drawings of the engine and importing them into CIMPLICITY.

Since the screens were developed using actual ship equipment, what the opera- tor sees on screen accurately depicts the equipment and its exact location on board. MAX has 13 to 20 different screens, and most equipment graphics displayed on the screens relate detailed information in response to a touch by the operator's finger. This configuration gives the operator easy comprehension of the system layout without any specif- ic or advanced technical knowledge, which is a key benefit of the Techsol system.

One company that has seen this bene- fit firsthand is Robert Allan Ltd., Cana- da's oldest privately owned consulting naval architectural firm, providing marine consulting and design services to a worldwide client base. Headquartered in Vancouver, the company specializes in tug and barge transportation, ship- assist and escort tugs, and fast patrol craft "Our principal products as naval archi- tects are high-performance tugs with very low levels of manning." says

Robert Allan, president and owner of

Robert Allan Ltd. "A very high standard of automation is required, and that real- ly implies a system like the one Techsol is producing,"

CIMPLICITY's high standard of automation allows MAX to be con- trolled by only one on-board operator, and its flexibility permitted Techsol to design a system that generates no false alarms. That's 110 easy feat by marine- world standards.

Techsol created custom scripts, or algorithms, for MAX. By following these algorithms, the system reacts to varying conditions and eliminates possi- ble false alarms. For example, when a tugboat maneuvers, fuel has a tendency to slosh around in the tank, generating low-fuel alarms. With MAX, when the


IZAR has built some of the fastest ferries in the world, but also three dual drilling units for the Gulf of Mexico incorporating the latest offshore technology, and was the pioneer in FPSOs.

IZAR is designing a new generation of fast Ro-Pax ships, but also has the most advanced and environmentally-friendly technology in double-hull tankers and in chemical carriers.

And, most importantly, we are ready to meet any demand.

Let IZAR help build your utopia.

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