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Arcon Welding


When usability, reliability and dura- bility are important for ship repair and maintenance applications, Arcon's

Workhorse Stick/TIG welding machine is a strong solution. Designed for shipyard use, the machine employs electrical and mechanical technology proven reliable in over 100,000 machines sold and used worldwide. The Seahorse option pro- tects against corrosive salt-water residue and proved effective in extensive use on oil rigs in the

North Sea. Components are dipped and even encapsulated to resist harmful elements.

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Bug-0 Systems

From Bug-0 Systems comes the Light'n Bug multipurpose burning and welding travel car- riage that runs at precise speeds from four to 85 (IPM). This lightweight machine can produce high quality cuts and bevels, and uniform welds. It is a compact friction drive that will ride on any standard 6-in. v-groove track, - designating it an ideal replacement for older, obsolete cutting machines. Light'n Bug can also be used without track for fillet welds.

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Cutting Edge Metal Processing www. cuttingedgemetal. com e-mail: info@cuttingedgemetal. com

Cutting Edge supplies blasted and primed, cut and formed mild steel parts to shipbuilding and manufacturing companies through- out the Southeastern and Central U.S. Employing a Tanaka 6 kW

C02 laser cutting, machine, Cutting Edge, which has been instru- mental in the research and development of LASOX technology (see article on page 77) in U.S. shipyards, also cuts aluminum up to 3/8" (10 mm) and stainless steel up to 5/8" (16 mm). In order to stay in touch with this technologically-driven industry, Cutting Edge has also upgraded its software applications to AutoCad 2000 and

SigmaNest 5.0. The AutoCad 2000 upgrade allows the company to receive Parts drawings from customers in several formats including .dxf and .dwg formats.

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UGTK'H FTUG sories.

Designed to fit with the

Partek line of pumps and the Liqua blaster line of waterjetting units, the

Jetting Systems line of wet abra sive cutting systems, solves a variety of industrial tank and pipe cutting issues that could arise. The Jetting System's wet abra- sive provides a solution that is both cooling and safe due to the minimal amount of sparks and heat that it generates.

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Hypertherm, Inc. www. hypertherm. com e-mail: peter. officerf@hypertherm. com

Hypertherm has released its HySpeed

HT2000 200-amp oxygen plasma cut- ting system. Modeled on the successful of its original HT2000, this newly recon- figured mechanized system instills

Hypertherm's patented coaxial-assist jet technology to boost cutting speeds on mild steel by as much as 50 percent. Featuring proven LongLife oxygen technology and

SilverPlus electrode technology, HySpeed HT2000 delivers pre- cise control of cutting parameters and reduce overall operating costs.

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Jet Edge

In a revolutionary approach to proactive coating maintenance, Jet

Edge and Aquablast Corp. U.K. have joined together to pioneer a ^ORTELBOER

Tel.: +31 (0)10 429 2222 n e w Fax:+31 (0)10 429 6459 approach using the Jet www.wortelboer.n

Edge 55,000 psi (3,800 bar) electric pumps as a permanent on- board maintenance system on large ocean vessels. In fact, Hellespont

Steamship of Piraeus, Greece, played a for- midable role in the development of the concept and has since retrofitted two state-of-the art 442,000 dwt super tankers with Jet Edge 55-100 pumps.

The pumps were installed directly aft of the main superstruc- ture, within a small steel storage structure. Subsequently, the entire ship was fitted with 60,000 psi hard tubing and high pres- sure hose connection outlets were installed throughout the ship.

Installed to combat corrosion, the Jet Edge system employs its

Gyra Jet LP II rotary lance to one of the connection outlets and then waterblasts the area to white metal before repainting.

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Clad Metal Div. of Dynamic Materials e-mail:

DMC, Clad Metal Division is the manufacturer of genuine Detacouple transition joint material allowing a welded joint between aluminum and carbon steel sections in marine applications.

DMC produces many other welded bimetallic systems for a variety of industrial applications including chemical and refinery process equip- ment requiring corrosion resistant solutions in rigorous service.

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Service For Marine & Industrial Power Stations ...FOR DIESEL TECHNOLOGY" wan 7th Street

Richmond, CA 94801 U.S.A.

Phone: 5W-B36-35B5

Fax: 5W-E3B-357E

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Looking For an IMO

A-60 Window ??

Deansteel Manufacturing now has USCG and

Lloyd's Registry certified IMO Marine windows!

A-0 through A-60 available.

Custom made, up to 40" X 60".

Certified for both interior and exterior

Available in mild and stainless steel.

Deansteel manufacturing is proud to announce our new line of

IMO marine fire resistant windows. Deansteel has long been known in the offshore industry for top quality construction, durability, and dependable delivery; all at competitive pricing.

Deansteel will continue in our tradition of excellence with this line of windows so you can be assured when you buy

Deansteel windows you are getting the very best.

OE^ETEEL 800-825-8271 111 Merchants St.

San Antonio, Texas 78204 210-226-8271 210-226-0913 fax

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Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems www. waterjetting. com

E-mail: mktg. wjs@gardnerdenver. com

Now known as a brand name under Gardner

Denver Water Jetting

Systems, Inc.,

Jetting Systems and

Accessories provides a variety of indus- tries, specifically maritime, with its expanding line of water jetting acces-

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