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2001. The Russian nuclear icebreaker scientist landed at the Pole, made some generally. Cruise ships, cargo ships, and es to the North Pole continue apace.

Sovietskiy Soyuz and the Swedish ice- brief observations, and departed. On the occasional recreational vessels tran- For eons, the North Pole was a mythi- breakers Oden and Vidar Viking stopped April 19, 1968, four U.S. and Canadian sit the Northern Sea Route across the top cal and mysterious place, often referred at the North Pole on September 6-7, adventurers completed a 48-day over- of Eurasia and the Northwest Passage to as Thule. Now, it is just another loca- 2004 during the Integrated Arctic Ocean ice journey from Ellesmere Island to the across the top of North America. Fish- tion like Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat

Drilling Program. The Canadian Coast North Pole on snow-mobiles. In 1969, ing vessels are increasingly venturing where people go, have their picture tak-

Guard Ships Louis S. St-Laurent and four British nationals with the British into Arctic waters. Natural resource ex- en (often a sel? e), and then brag to their

Terry Fox jointly reached the North Pole Trans-Arctic Expedition hiked, with the traction in the Arctic is growing apace – friends. on August 27, 2014. Most recently, US- aid of dog sleds and airdrops from Bar- and it is not limited to oil and gas. It is The North Pole deserves more respect.

CGC Healy reached the North Pole on row, Alaska to Svalbard via the North getting so busy that a whale can hardly

September 5, 2015 while researching the Pole. Two individuals from the Trans- think. western Arctic Ocean and its sea? oor, globe Expedition 1979-1982 reached the Several years ago, I published a mani- where it was met on September7 by the North Pole via foot and snowmobile on festo written by my good friend the Arc-

German icebreaker Polarstern research- August 4, 1982, becoming the ? rst indi- tic fox. In that document, he encouraged ing the eastern Arctic Ocean and its sea- viduals to complete a circumnavigation all Arctic animals to take action to deter ? oor. of Earth by surface travel. On April 6, and de? ect outsiders (i.e., all humans

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Over the years, small groups have 1985, a ski-equipped twin-engine Otter other than local natives) from further in- found more innovative manners of reach- aircraft ? ew Neil Armstrong, Sir Ed- cursions into the Arctic. That effort has

Dennis L. Bryant is with Maritime Regu- ing the North Pole. On April 23, 1948, mund Hillary, Steve Fossett, and Patrick had limited success. Natural resource latory Consulting, and a regular contribu- three Soviet aircraft landed at the North Morrow from Ellesmere Island to the extraction efforts in the Arctic have tor to Maritime Reporter & Engineering

Pole. The 24 individuals established a North Pole for a quick glass of cham- slowed from their previous rapid pace,

News as well as online at MaritimePro- temporary camp and conducted two days pagne. This list goes on. but still continue. Use of the Northern of scienti? c observations before ? ying All of this going to and fro at the Sea Route this navigation season is sig- t: 1 352 692 5493 back to the Soviet Union. On May 3, North Pole does not include the increas- ni? cantly less that in recent years. But e: 1952, two U.S. Air Force pilots and a ing shipping activity in the Arctic Ocean other activities, such as excursion cruis- 13

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