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Marine Fire? ghting:

Train to Survive

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Emergency Services Training Institute hile innovative new ? re- ited, AFNI, Chief Operations Of? cer,

Fire onboard a boat or ship is generally considered the resistant materials and Maritime Professional Training (MPT). most dangerous situation on the water. While advances advanced ? re suppres- “Having well trained ? rst responders

Wsion equipment onboard is vital as they can be pro-active and in technology have helped to mitigate risk, ships and boats has helped to improve adaptable to each emergency.” ? re security, technology alone is not a Fire? ghting training is a particu- consistently investing to upgrade a crew’s ? re? ghting one-stop security blanket in the quest to lar point of emphasis at MPT, and the training, skills and equipment is the best means to keep keep crew and ship free from harm in school has invested regularly and of- the case of a ? re. ten to ensure that it has the tools and crew, ship and cargo safe if disaster strikes.

“Ship operators are once again plac- teaches the technique that are necessary ing a huge importance on ? re ? ght- to keep modern vessels in ship shape. ing training, an over-reliance on ? xed MPT established the Marine Tech Fire

By Greg Trauthwein suppression systems can be dangerous Academy and uses that facility to run and create a sense of false security,” more than 60 Fire Fighting classes a said Capt. Ted Morley, Master Unlim- year, including STCW Basic Fire, Ad-

Practice makes Perfect: While there is no perfect in ? re? ghting, continuous training in a controlled situation (left & center)

Left & Center image: Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), raises the odds of safety and success when faced with a real-world ? re (right).

Emergency Services Training Institute. Image on right: T&T Salvage 28 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • OCTOBER 2015

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