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KVH Debuts mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0

At London International “Competitive market factors

Shipping Week held in make it clear that the mari-

September, KVH Indus- time industry needs to change tries, Inc. introduced the how it thinks about connec- second generation of its mini-VSAT Broadband tivity and its impact on com- solution for the mari- petitiveness and pro? tability. time market, providing

KVH’s mini-VSAT Broad- a combination of data band 2.0 helps maritime delivered at high speeds enterprises meet their com- and at low price points, plex operational requirements, with vessel operational while providing affordable and crew entertainment/ communications and engag- informational content, ing content for their onboard tools, and support, opti- personnel.” mizing broadband ef- fectiveness in serving the needs of seafarers. Tom

Martin Kits van Heyningen,

Mulligan reports.

CEO, KVH Industries ased in Middletown, RI, KVH innovative content delivery, and com- Computer analysis of big data greatly vice is driving developments in onboard

Industries is a provider of in- prehensive support from a single global exceeds human capacity in providing in- VSAT-based broadband services.

motion satellite TV and com- provider. “The future competitiveness formation that can make a maritime op- “Other satellite communications pro-

B munications systems, designing, manu- of the maritime industry will be affected eration more ef? cient: real-time analysis viders respond to increasing broadband facturing, and supplying mobile satellite by how rapidly shipping operators take of such data as engine monitoring and demand by simply increasing airtime antennas for applications on vessels, advantage of big data,” said Martin Kits fuel consumption combined with op- rates. We knew there was a better solu- vehicles, and aircraft. The company pro- van Heyningen, CEO, KVH. “It’s im- erational data provided through satellite tion,” said Van Heyningen. “We provide vides news, music, and entertainment portant to adopt a big data mindset: data communication, for example weather maritime customers with affordable, us- content to a range of industries including is becoming a resource in its own right. data, enables the optimization of a voy- age-based plans at the data speeds they the maritime, retail, and leisure sectors, The maritime industry has been slow to age for ? nancial performance, not just need to take advantage of new cloud- with its UK-based subsidiary Video- adopt big data even though the industry for time and distance. based applications for improving opera- tel providing training ? lms, computer- faces many challenges for which data The maritime industry is also look- tional ef? ciency and we give them the based training and e-Learning content. capture and analysis can provide an- ing to satellite communications and tools they need for bandwidth manage- swers, from meeting an increasing num- broadband services to improve quality ment by user and vessel.

Expanded Service: Flexibility & ber of maritime regulations to improving of life for seafarers through the provi- “Competitive market factors make it

Quality Content the fuel ef? ciency of vessels underway. sion of informational and entertainment clear that the maritime industry needs to

KVH’s expanded VSAT service, mini- The maritime industry has spent the past programming which users can access in change how it thinks about connectivity

VSAT Broadband 2.0, encompasses rug- 20 years trying to limit the amount of their off-duty periods. This combination and its impact on competitiveness and ged, reliable antennas and other hard- data going on and off vessels, while the of demand for big data for operational pro? tability,” he said. “KVH’s mini- ware, ? exible airtime options, extensive rest of the world has been doing the ex- purposes and the need for an ef? cient VSAT Broadband 2.0 helps maritime operations and entertainment content, act opposite in adopting big data.” onboard broadband entertainment ser- enterprises meet their complex opera- 56 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • OCTOBER 2015

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