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Hard problems demand

Soft(ware) solutions

Make no mistake, the commercial maritime industry will always revolve around heavy duty machinery and mega-machines designed to weather some of the toughest operating condi- tions on earth. But in recent years a proliferation of Software Solutions has evolved to help the machines operate more ef? ciently and cost effectively. MR editors report on latest devel- opments in maritime speci? c Software Solutions.

Design handling by gathering parts described the Advanced Sequencer, to quickly en- and validate design options in real time

Kværner Verdal AS selected AVEVA by both systems in the same production sure that the current operation will not through advanced 3D simulation and

Bocad Steel and AVEVA Bocad Off- stream. run into unsafe conditions in the future. analysis early in the process. The 3DEX- shore for use at its design and fabrica- Herbert-ABS Software Solutions An exciting aspect of the Advanced Se- PERIENCE platform is designed to pro- tion yard in Verdal, Norway, as Kværner LLC introduced the Advanced Sequenc- quencer Tool is the Automatic Ballast vide a unique, collaborative environment required a specialized structural steel er Module for CargoMax loading com- Generator. This allows an operator of that ef? ciently captures engineering design solution that provided out-of- puters, a tool designed to allow for rapid an FPSO or FLNG to plan the long-term know-how, company rules and standards the box functionality and integration. In development of time-based sequences, production and of? oading sequence for for reuse at any time and from anywhere

AVEVA Bocad Offshore, Kværner has a such as oil loading or discharging, bal- the vessel, and at the touch of the button, in new projects, hence reducing design software created for the design, detailing last water exchange, long-term FPSO generate a corresponding ballast plan cycle time. Designers can ? nd design and fabrication of all forms of offshore production and off-loading planning, or that keeps the vessel within safe operat- principles, components or sub-systems steel structures. When integrated with bulk pile loading and bottom discharge ing limits and target drafts and trims. that ful? ll a certain design requirement

Kværner’s AVEVA PDMS deployment, sequences. The Advanced Sequencer Designed For Sea from Dassault Sys- using the platform’s integrated search- these structural steel solutions provide Module accounts for pump rates, tank tèmes is designed to enable electrical based application that searches through a complete 3D engineering solution. groups, resource availability, and link- systems engineers to de? ne, simulate, structured and unstructured information.

AVEVA Bocad can directly write data ing start and stop times to quickly gen- analyze, and validate the design of in- Nupas-Cadmatic signed a contract for for the production parts into AVEVA erate a sequence. Individual conditions tegrated electrical systems for the entire the delivery of 3D design and informa-

Marine’s manufacturing database. AVE- can be generated for any time interval, vessel. Based on Dassault Systèmes’ tion management software to Drydock

VA Hull Detailed Design also writes into and graphical and tabular results are pre- 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Designed World Dubai (DDWD), making it the this database for plate and pro? le parts sented to show important results, includ- For Sea is a solution designed to help largest single deal in Nupas-Cadmatic’s to be sent to production, so data coming ing any alarmed values. The Advanced naval architects, discipline engineers, history and a breakthrough for Nupas- from both AVEVA Bocad and AVEVA Sequencer Module can be linked to designers, shipyards and their suppliers Cadmatic in the offshore industry. Nu-

Hull Detailed Design can follow the other tools available within CargoMax. to de? ne, simulate, analyze and validate pas-Cadmatic’s delivery includes the de- same path; parts can be nested together For example, an Oil Tanker using the a ship or platform design while adher- sign system licenses, system installation, for a given block for instance and later Load/Discharge Rate tool to monitor a ing to owners’ requirements, industry user training as well as support services on sent to production. By doing so, the discharge operation and calculate rates, regulations and class standards. With it for over 150 simultaneous users of the shipyard can optimize its production can automatically generate a sequence in engineering teams can create, evaluate, software. One of the most signi? cant

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