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Turbocharger Overhaul

Viega SeaPress System

Royston Limited carried out the overhaul of turbochargers on two Tidewater

Viega LLC offers the Viega SeaPress system for marine pipe-joining applica-

Marine OSVs Marine in the oil? elds off of South West Africa. Royston engi- tions. The Viega SeaPress system, available in copper-nickel, can be used in neers completed the full overhaul of Napier NA297 turbochargers on the Melton a variety of pipe applications from potable water to fuel to ? re sprinklers. The

Tide FiFi and offshore support vessel, as well as the Netherland Tide, multi-

Viega SeaPress system is a 90/10 copper-nickel alloy that’s speci? cally suited purpose support vessel. Two Napier turbocharger installations on the Melton for sea-water systems. It is a copper-nickel press ? tting with a double-press con-

Tide, powered by dual Wärtsilä 9L26 engines, were serviced at Walvis Bay, nection. Viega SeaPress is available with adapters to easily transition to imperial

Namibia. The work on the two CAT C280-16 engine-powered Netherland Tide and metric sizes. Viega also offers Viega ProPress systems in copper and 304 or involved four turbocharger overhauls while berthed at the Sturrock drydock in 316 stainless steel, as well as Viega MegaPress in carbon steel for applications

Cape Town, South Africa.

including fuels and lube oil systems for the marine market.

Photo: Royston

Cat’s C280s Meet EPA

Tier 4, IMO Tier III

Schottel Debuts

Caterpillar Marine offers its Cat C280 medium- speed diesel engines for U.S. Environmental Pro-

New EcoPeller tection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 and International

Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier III service.

Schottel launched a new thruster optimized for

The C280 engines are available in eight-, 12- and open sea and coastal operating conditions: the 16-cylinder models spanning a power range from

Schottel EcoPeller.

2,300-5,060 kW as main engines – conventional and diesel electric – and also as auxiliary generator

Schottel said the new thruster combines quality sets. The new engines reduce emissions, consume and technology with hydrodynamic insights from less fuel and have lower through-life owning and

CFD simulations and model tests to offer a top operating costs, according to the manufacturer. value for the overall ef? ciency and course keep-

Nathan Kelly, Caterpillar Marine production de? - ing stability of the ship, thus enabling owners to nition engineer, said the introduction of the Tier 4 achieve lower fuel consumption, operating costs engine range enables customers to bene? t from the and emissions. The SRE is based on the Schottel latest NOx emission technology based on selective

SCD design principle: a vertical electric motor in- catalytic reduction (SCR). The choice of SCR over tegrated into the Rudderpropeller. This eliminates other NOx reducing technologies, Kelly explained, the upper of the two angle gears as well as any was made based on higher uptime and minimized necessary shaft lines. On board, the EcoPeller of- overall total lifecycle cost. Furthermore, he said, fers low vibration and low noise levels. Besides an independent study undertaken by the Interna- a plant-side, ready-for-installation assembly with tional Council on Clean Transportation published an electric motor from Schottel, the EcoPeller will in March 2014, highlights the bene? ts of emissions be available with an option for additional electric reduction technology and the wide range of com- motors according to customer needs. The EcoPel- panies that have adopted SCR as the most ef? cient ler will be available in mid-2016 in a variety of solution for the marine industry.

sizes for power ratings between 1,000 kW and ap- prox. 5,000 kW, each as FP and CP variants.

Photo: Schottel 66 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • OCTOBER 2015

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