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Marine Design Annual

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Fronius USA LLC Hubbell Water Heaters Michigan Wheel Marine Numeca USA Inc.

Booth 209 Booth 124 Booth 103 Booth 304

Galley Sales and Designs Intergraph Corporation Mide Technology Corporation Ocean Consulting Corp

Booth 205 Booth 121 Booth 407 Booth 231

General Dynamics – Electric Boat Div Jastram Mission Critical Energy Parker Hanni? n

Booth 104 Booth 131 Booth 421 Booth 428

GTA Marine Maine Marine Composites Nautican Pepco Commercial Marine Division (Bass Prod-

Booth 401 Booth 206 Booth 400 ucts) Booth 328

HamiltonJet Marine NL Noise Control Engineering Inc.

Booth 431 Booth 301 Booth 208 ProModel Booth 402

Hiller Companies Marine Measurements LLC NORTHERN LIGHTS INC

Booth 227 Booth 224 Booth 211 Pyrotek Inc.

www.hiller? Booth 430

Howell Laboratories Mascoat NSRP

Booth 105 Booth 223 Booth 230 Rigidized Metals Corp Booth 102

Maritime Reporter &

Rivertrace Engineering

Booth 122

Engineering News

Booth 403

Published since 1939, Maritime Reporter & Engi-

Robert Allan LTD neering News is the world’s largest circulation b2b

Booth 201 publication serving the global maritime market, and the patriarch of a family of 4 print magazines, 10 websites and a dozen Enews services serving the

Scienco/Fast Div of Bio-Microbics Inc

Booth 302 commercial maritime, offshore, subsea and energy markets.

Seaspan ULC

Booth 111

Damen Shipyards Booth 408

Damen Shipyards Group operates 32 ship- and repair yards, employing 9,000 people worldwide.

SF Marina Systems USA

Based on its standardized design concepts, Damen

Booth 420 offers a wide range of vessels. Damen also offers a broad range of marine components, as well as

STI Marine Firestop services such as repair, conversion, maintenance,

Booth 204 spare parts delivery, training and transfer of ship- building know-how.

STRAND 7 – Beaufort Analysis

Booth 322

Herbert-ABS Software

Booth 410

Solutions LLC

TEUFELBERGER – New England Ropes

Herbert-ABS bridges design, classi? cation and

Booth 106 operational management aspects of vessels and offshore units. The company offers loading and sal- vage emergency response software packages and

The Brass Works

Booth 109 design tools to the maritime and offshore indus- tries. Its portfolio includes CargoMax, CruiseMax,


Thordon Bearings shore, Trim & Draft Optimization, Incline, Detailed

Booth 200

Deck Plan Entry (DDPE) and Direct Damage Stabil- ity (DDS).

Vesconite Bearings

Booth 100

MAN Diesel & Turbo

Booth 300


MAN Diesel & Turbo is a provider of large diesel en-

Booth 222 gines used in ships and power stations, as well as a supplier of turbomachinery. MAN Diesel & Turbo

North America, headquartered in Houston, provides

W & O SUPPLY the full array of MAN diesel and gas engines, tur-

Booth 312 bomachinery and after-sales service support.

Walz & Krenzer Inc

Booth 330

Sohre Turbomachinery Booth 213

Sohre Turbomachinery Inc. provides bristle type ? - ber grounding brushes for use in shaft grounding

Wartsila (shaft earthing) of all types of stray electrical shaft

Booth 404 currents. The brushes can also be used for instru- ment signal transmission and generator or electric motor on-line diagnostic work. These brushes are self cleaning, can run dry, partially or completely submerged in oil. 73

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