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Michelle Howard

Editorial ’ll never forget the “Hinge Ship,” a vessel concept If someone would have told me 20 years ago that ships would

Joseph Fonseca - India

Claudio Paschoa - Brazil that was designed to transform from a traditional be designed to generate and ? oat on their own ? eld of bubbles,

Peter Pospiech - Germany deep draft hull to a ? at bottom inland waterways hull I would have thought it crazy. But with new an ever-tightening

Production courtesy of an innovative “hinge” found on the bottom emission regulation and the resultant detailed analysis of

Irina Tabakina

Nicole Ventimiglia of the vessel. I do forget the exact edition on which designing hulls to cut through the water more ef? ciently, this

Corporate Staff it graced the cover of MR sister-publication Marine- is a reality.


Mark O’Malley, Public Relations

Esther Rothenberger, Accounting

News, but I will never forget the cavalcade of comments from Another idea many dub ‘crazy’ is the notion of Unmanned

Information Technology near and far essentially questioning my mental stability for Ships. While I think it safe to say it will be a long time in

Vladimir Bibik

Emin Tule giving the concept such prominent play. Lo and behold, the coming, as most everything seems to be in maritime, trust masses were indeed correct and there are not massive ? eets when I say that autonomy on the waterways will do nothing


Kathleen Hickey of “Hinge Ships” sailing the globe today. However, that’s not but grow. Autonomous vehicle use is prominent in the air and

Sales really the point. on the land, but both the rigors and the unique operating con-

Lucia Annunziata +1 212 477 6700

Having sat in this chair for now more than 20 years, report- ditions of vessels at sea make marine autonomous operations a

Terry Breese +1 561 732 1185 ing on new marine designs, from the intuitive to the outland- bit more challenging. But autonomy on the world’s waterways

Frank Covella +1 561 732 1659 ish, is easily one of my favorites. Innovation is the fuel that is starting to pick up steam, growing in tandem with Big Data

Mitch Engel +1 561 732 0312 drives this maritime market forward, and innovation comes and the ability to push and pull information faster, cheaper

Mike Kozlowski +1 561 733 2477 from a variety of sources: the highest halls of academia to the and more reliably between ship and shore. Henrik Segercrantz

Dawn Trauthwein +1 631 472 2715 the corporate R&D centers to someone’s garage. Necessity is presents an update on Unmanned Vessels based on the ? nal-

Jean Vertucci +1 212 477 6700 indeed the mother of invention, and in the case of maritime ized joint European Research Project MUNIN starting on page

International Sales (and most industries) new regulation is the driver of necessity. 34 of this edition.


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