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experience with other vessel types: “De operation in the in the region). Janssens, with IT. Also, we have made further steps and demands have to be integrated with

Hoop has many years of experience with from De Hoop said the importance of in production ef? ciency and also we are the technical vessel. We have increased

DP vessels, we have been building them lessons learned, as it continues its foray now more able to integrate the various our organization in this part, we have a since the early eighties. The DP system into building for the expedition sector. disciplines into the build of the vessel’s dedicated general manager interior and is similar as the ones used in the offshore “The cooperation and collaboration re- sections and hull. The challenging part exterior and a dedicated design of? ce in sector, where there are high demands mains key in such projects. Communica- remains the out? tting and interior and which the teams work together to trans- (close to oilrigs, etc.). We have a DP sys- tion is facilitated better also supported exterior ? nishing, as there many wishes late the wishes of the client and their de- tem with Navis this time.”

To propel the vessel, the builders se- lected Steerprop, based in Rauma, to provide two contra-rotating propulsors (CRPs), each 1450kW. Jussi Tarvairen,

Steerprop’s Sales Manager, said: “Expe- dition cruise vessels like Celebrity Flora are a growing segment, and our propul- sion technology and special expertise are perfect for sensitive environments and ice classes.”

He stressed the importance of the pro- pulsors’ hydrodynamic qualities with a specially engineered underwater body, and added that: “Noise levels and vibra- tions are extremely low, which was vi- tal for this particular vessel. In addition,

CRP provides outstanding maneuver- ability with its advanced azimuth pro- pulsor design and excellent ef? ciency.”

All of these features are critical for “op- erating in strictly regulated marine envi- ronments.”

Celebrity Cruise, in a release, notes: “Combined with a zero-speed stabilizer system, the DP system will choose a heading to minimize the roll and heave motions on the vessel, signi? cantly im- proving passenger comfort. To achieve a high level of redundancy and to meet the

Class requirements (PSMR* and DP1 /

DP-AM notation), the power and pro- pulsion plant of Celebrity Flora is dupli- cated and housed in two separate engine rooms.”

The vessel has Steerprop azimuth thrusters and SKF zero-speed stabilizers.

Fincantieri Marinette Marine is proud to partner with the

Two 400kW bow thrusters are provided by Veth from the Netherlands.

U.S. Navy on their future guided missile frigate. Fincantieri’s

De Hoop explains that: “The power design is based on the operationally proven FREMM hull— supply for two (CRPs), two bow thrust- the most capable and modern frigate in the world. The ers and other consumers, is supplied by combination of survivability, ?exibility, and innovative design four Caterpillar C32 diesel generator provides this ship with an undeniable technological leap in sets,” with Janssens telling Maritime Re- porter that overall ef? ciency is enhanced capabilities needed by the U.S. Navy.

because: “…we have optimized various items, hull shape, propeller design, new bow and ef? ciency of the whole propul- sion train…”. The diesel engines are ? tted with SCR for nitrogen reduction, achieving IMO Tier III.

The De Hoop yard, which has built ves- sels for river cruising, as well as OSVs, is building another small vessel for the

Galapagos to be delivered next year to boutique operator Silversea (also part of

Royal Caribbean) already operating its

Silver Galapagos - built 2012. The new- build, Silver Origin, is also designed for 100 passengers (a statutory limitation for 31

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