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HGG Ship Pro? ler

HGG’S new UPC 450 Ship Pro? ler increases cut- ting and pre-fabrication productivity by eliminat- ing the need to cut ship stiffeners and spools by hand. HGG production automation combines ship stiffener cutting, 3D pro? le cutting with optional tube cutting in the ? rst affordably priced machine of its kind. The UPC 450 Ship Pro? ler also has a small machine footprint, saving valuable ? oor space. The HGG UPC 450 Ship Pro? ler offers full

Jetstream process cutting integration through the HGG Pro-

Saint-Gobain Abrasives

CAM Software Suite, integrating thermal cutting

HGG ProCAD design, HGG ProGRAM work

Cruise Ship Waterblasting preparation coordination, and HGG’s internation-

Norton BlazeX Fiber Discs

When it came time to tackle a 60,000-sq. ft. coat- ally recognized 3D plasma cutting intelligence. ing removal project for the 17-deck Grand Prin- Saint-Gobain Abrasives introduced its Norton cess cruise ship at the Swan Island ship repair BlazeX F970 Fiber Discs, the next generation of yard in Portland, Oregon, Vigor Industrial LLC, Blaze. The Norton BlazeX F970 Fiber Discs en- brought in Jetstream of Houston, LLP, to provide able faster rust removal, and enhanced cleaning waterblasting equipment and on-site technical and detailing processes for better ? nishes. Users support. Jetstream provided two Verti-Drive ro- performing right angle grinding on a routine basis bots and four pumps with eight Jetstream Tornado will see immediate results using Norton BlazeX guns out? tted with tetraCORE nozzles. Jetstream F970 Fiber Discs due to improved micro-fractur- and FS Solutions also provided uninterrupted ac- ing grain. By consistently exposing sharper grain cess to service and expertise to ensure the job – edges, this improvement delivers a better cut rate, performed at one of the largest shipyards on the and longer disc life when compared to blended

West Coast – kept running on time and on budget. ceramic alumina discs.


Garlock Flood-Gard

Garlock launched FLOOD-GARD Bearing Iso- lators, which offer the proven performance of

Garlock bearing isolators for ? ooded applica- tions. The patent-pending seal design provides bearing protection even in the most challenging ? ooded environments, extending the life of ro- tating equipment such as gearboxes, pumps and

SI Tech motors. The latest addition to Garlock’s family of

KLOZURE Bearing Isolators, FLOOD-GARD is

Plasma Cutting Consumables New Dry Glove Systems for a seal that combines improved safety and over-

Thermal Dynamics, an ESAB brand, launched its

SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring all process ef? ciency with cost savings through new Cutmaster Black Series of enhanced perfor-

SI TECH launched three Dry Glove Systems extended equipment and bearing life. FLOOD- mance plasma cutting consumables, which extend that connects with SLÄGGÖ Flex ring; NEVA,

GARD’s Cam-Lock design provides excellent operating life by 60 percent compared to standard

OBERON and LIANA. SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring bore retention while allowing easy installation by life electrodes, the company claims. They are provides the opportunity to change wrist seals hand.

featured on the SL60QD 1Torch, which comes instantly, without gluing. SI TECH has now de- with the Cutmaster 60i handheld air plasma cut- veloped three versions of Dry Glove Systems for ting system. Coupled with internal enhancements

SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring – to give the diver the op- on the Cutmaster 60i, the new electrode design portunity to choose the system that is best for his/ increases the unit’s rated cut and piercing capac- her diving needs. All three systems are easy to ity to 0.75 in., a 16.6 percent improvement. The mount, easy to use Dry Glove Systems designed

Cutmaster 60i can sever metal up to 1.5 in. The to perform – no matter the diving environment.

SL60QD 1Torch with Cutmaster Black Series

NEVA is an easy to use “pull over” Dry Glove consumables is also available as an option for the


Cutmaster 58 handheld air plasma cutting system.

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