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HGG Is Making Shipbuilding &

Repair Easy, Affordable & Accurate ith a small footprint and a big range of starters, it eliminates the need for an experienced layout capabilities, HGG’S new UPC 450 Ship person and welder. And in the long run, employees are

Pro? ler increases cutting and pre-fabrication more likely to stay on the job when their responsibilities

W productivity at small to mid-size shipyards by eliminating are less physically rigorous. the need to cut stiffeners and handle secondary grinding by Another employee-centric feature included in the Ship hand. Like its bigger brother, the PCL, the Ship Pro? ler is Pro? ler is its integrated fume extraction. To maximize packed with automation, including ship stiffener cutting worker health and safety, the machine includes two fume and 3-D pro? le cutting with optional tube cutting. And, it extraction modules, safely capturing and disposing the all comes in a package that is affordably priced. dust, smoke and fumes created by plasma cutting.

“The Ship Pro? ler allows an operator to place a stiffener

HGG ProCAM Software on the cutting table where it reads a program, scans the material and moves down the length of the material to cut To simplify the cutting process, the Ship Pro? ler all of the slots and pro? les that are needed,” John Tutino, includes HGG’s exclusive ProCAM software suite,

HGG Sales Manager for the America, explains. “It can integrating thermal cutting ProCAD design, ProGram handle ? at bars, bulbs and angles as well as tubular pipes.” work preparation coordination and HGG’s internationally

The cutting trolley within the Ship Pro? ler’s cutting cell recognized 3-D plasma cutting intelligence.

controls moves over the material to locate the cutting start “Our controller is graphic-driven so it’s just a matter of point while HGG’s patented cutting head and biaxial initializing the starting point and selecting the correct cutting torch enable high-precision cutting accuracy. program to execute, and the operator is ready to go,” Tutino

Knowing the space constraints many smaller shipbuilders explains. “Once the parts are cut, he parks the machine in

John Tutino face, the Ship Pro? ler can be con? gured to accommodate a the home position, lifts the cut parts off of the table onto a

HGG Sales Mgr, Americas variety of footprint requirements. cassette and moves them to the welding station.”

According to Tutino, “Before the Ship Pro? ler was The UPC 450 Ship Pro? ler also features a scanning available, smaller shipbuilders tended to do things device, which is important because no two raw materials space-saving way. According to Tutino, the system is like a manually, which is also more time-consuming. They simply are the same. It scans the area that needs to be cut, alerting Lego set that can pieced together in a variety of ways.

never considered investment in a million-dollar machine.” the robot arm about the pro? le it’s dealing with and how to “Smaller shipbuilders build smaller ships, so the quantity

The UPC 450 changed that, and at one-fourth the cost. execute that particular cutting routine. of stiffeners they need to process is less than their larger

Plus, it accomplishes this while offering productivity and An additional, optional feature is also available for counterparts,” Tutino says. “But their needs for productivity accuracy, and without that big prohibitive footprint and shipbuilders that need to cut pipe, which can be added are just as great. No matter the size of the ships being the high cost. to the system at any point in time. Thanks to the ability produced, the concept behind building them is the same.

In addition to easing the operator’s job, the Ship Pro? ler to customize the overall machine based on the customer’s We’re proud to be able to offer this segment of the market also aids in employee hiring and retention efforts. For needs, the pipe-cutting feature can also be integrated in a proven, existing technology that they can count on.”

Do You Fabricate & Repair Ships?Do You Fabricate & Repair Ships?

Designed for versatility, the UPC 450 Ship Profiler offers you a

Our new UPC 450 Ship Profiler is a game changer. With it, you’ll not only increase cutting wide range of capabilities. and pre-fabrication productivity dramatically; you’ll also eliminate the need to cut ship stiffeners and spools by hand.

Configure it to accommodate a variety of fabrication needs and footprint requirements. You can also quickly and easily convert it

The UPC?Ship Profiler 450 combines ship stiffener cutting, 3D profile from cutting stiffeners to cutting cutting with optional tube cutting in the first affordable priced machine tubes with just one person. of its kind. Plus, it’s available with a very small machine footprint, saving your valuable floor space.

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New HGG UPC 450 Ship Profiler. It’s A Game ChangerNew HGG UPC 450 Ship Profiler. It’s A Game Changer

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