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United States Marine Vigor

United States Marine, Vigor is a values-driv-

Inc. originally built rac- en, diversi? ed indus- ing sailboats with much trial business operating success. Since 1987, in seven locations with

United States Marine, 2,300 people in Or-

Inc. has designed and egon, Washington and built military, patrol Alaska. Vigor excels at and special warfare specialized shipbuild-

United States Marine boats ranging in length ing and ship repair. from 21 to 90 ft., constructed of high performance composites and aluminum. Vigor’s marine fabrica-

A fully integrated manufacturer capable of designing, building and testing tion teams build high

Vigor boats in-house, USMI has supplied DOD craft uninterrupted for 35 years and performance, mission- counting. Headquartered in Gulfport, MS, with a maintenance/repair facility in critical vessels for com-

Chesapeake, VA, the Gulfport facility has extensive dockage and capability for batant, unmanned and port security applications as well as ferries, ? reboats, launching and retrieving boats. The facility connects to the Mississippi Sound survey vessels, tugs, and a variety of aluminum workboats. Vigor ship repair providing riverine and littoral type environments, as well as varying water con- and conversion teams operate out of three primary locations with eight dry ditions for trials and training. docks including the largest ? oating dry dock in North American. Key custom-

USMI’s dominate focus is the production of sophisticated craft for the De- ers include MARAD, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy. partment of Defense. Craft include the SOCR, 11MNSWRIB, MKV and 9M Vigor took possession of its new state-of-the-art aluminum fabrication facility

MERC, all of which are in-house USMI designs. The 9M MERC is the latest in Vancouver, WA in July. Production will be anchored by the nearly billion

USMI boat in the small craft naval inventory and includes an outboard powered dollar contract the company was awarded to build the U.S. Army’s new landing open and cabin boat that is lower cost for initial investment and maintenance. craft. Other government programs will be built at the site along with aluminum

The 9M MERC is used primarily by Navy EOD forces, including Mobile Div- fast ferries and commercial workboats. The inaugural project at the facility will ing and Salvage Units to conduct underwater operations, harbor clearance and be two 56’ pilot boats for the Port of Los Angeles. Vigor is steadily increasing passenger transport. its export portfolio. Two Response Boat – Mediums (RB-M) are on their way to Jordan and six RB-Ms will be delivered to Bahrain this year.

VT Halter Marine Baltic Workboats US

VTHM designs, builds Baltic Workboats has and repairs a wide va- been building advanced riety of vessel, includ- vessels for two decades, ing tugs, ferries, ocean- producing vessels that going vessels such as operate in some of the security patrol, oil and most challenging envi- gas support, logistic ronments worldwide. support and survey ves- The ? rm focuses on sels. VT Halter Marine next-generation vessels has more than 60 years that are versatile and of experience. VTHM fuel ef? cient with inte- shipyards have deliv- grated safety features


Baltic Workboats US ered more than 2,600 and an unparalleled vessels to commercial and government clients in 29 countries on ? ve conti- level of comfort. Baltic Workboats is a growing shipyard with modern facili- nents. VTHM builds to the requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, ties and a skilled workforce of 200+ people.

ABS and other regulatory bodies and classi? cation societies, up to and includ- Over the last 19 years, they have designed, built, and delivered over 200 ing vessels up to 50,000 DWT. New in 2018, VT Halter Marine debuted the versatile vessels. Operating under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certi? cates, Baltic blast and paint facility (pictured), a cutting edge, enclosed building that allows Workboats US Shipyard is located in Tampa, Florida. Baltic Workboats portfo- crews to work in any weather conditions while in an environmentally safe at- lio includes pilot vessels, search and rescue, patrol, defense, research, and ferry mosphere. This facility allows ship sections to be prepared, blasted and painted vessels. The recent delivery of a large-scale multi-role hybrid patrol vessel has in a controlled environment. The facility is also designed for 24/7 operation established the ? rm as a builder committed to new technologies, ef? ciencies in all weather conditions, and uses 100 percent LED lighting to reduce energy and minimal environmental impact. The 150-ft. vessel is capable of running in consumption and carbon footprint. The ? rm’s ongoing work and backlog is diesel, fully electric or hybrid modes at speeds over 30 knots. In 2019, the ? rm signi? cant, mixing commercial with government projects. completed delivery of an 11 vessel order for 50-ft. pilot vessels to the Danish

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