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MARINE POWER: PUT TO THE TEST for vessels entering the Baltic Sea and a new variant that boasted a 3-4 rating,

North Sea will be implemented in 2021. making it suitable for commercial Light

The D8 will be certi? ed to comply duty, planing and semi-planing boats. with these newest IMO III emission reg- The Volvo Penta D8 MH is an in-line ulations, as well as international emis- 6-cylinder, 7.7-liter diesel engine with sions standards – US EPA Tier 3, China common-rail fuel injection, double over- 1 & 2, and NRMM IWW Stage V. The head camshafts and twin-entry turbo, product will be released in two steps: the featuring a rigid cast-iron cylinder block ? rst release will be IMO II, EPA, and and cylinder head.

China legislations and – in mid-2020 – As a genset the D8 comes complete the second release will result in compli- with engine, generator and monitoring ance with IMO III and European inland system, all tested and ready for instal- waterways regulations. The D8 inherits lation onboard. D8 based gensets will its IMO III technology from the D13. deliver power in 50 Hz and 60 Hz in

Volvo Penta initially launched its IMO a range from 136kWe to 250 kWe and

III solution for its 13-liter models, and come with major classi? cation societies subsequently made it available for a host certi? cates.

of marine propulsion and genset applica- This compact engine has been created tions. for vessels that have to maximize vol-

The D8 engine offers a power output ume for payload. The compactness of up to 313kW for inboard and auxiliary the engine is mirrored in the SCR muf- applications, and up to 265kW when ? er, which is designed to be small and used as a genset. In both roles, the re- versatile with its three possible outlets duction in NOx will go from currently and accepting vertical as well as hori-

All speci? cations are available in either 12 or 24V.

permitted levels of 7.7 g/kWh down to zontal mounting. 2 g/kWh The D8 engine combined with Stam-

New D4/D6 technical speci? cations: IPS

The new D8 MH and MG was designed ford generators create a genset portfolio to deliver signi? cantly lower noise and tailor-made to auxiliary power genera-

D4D6 HP RPM Rating vibration levels, a lighter engine report- tion. This engine is also powerful enough

D6-IPS400 300 3,300 4 edly without comprising power, reliabil- to be the base power provider in compact

D6-IPS450 340 3,400 4 ity and durability. diesel-electric and serial hybrid propul-

D6-IPS500 380 3,500 4

The D8 was ? rst introduced in 2016 sion systems. Not only that, it can also

D6-IPS600 440 3,700 5 for Marine High performance and Lei- be the ideal ‘reborn’ propulsion system

D6-IPS650 480 3,700 5 sure applications. This was followed by for inland or coastal vessels.

New D4/D6 technical speci? cations: Sterndrive

D4D6 HP RPM Rating

D4-150A 150 3,400 4

D4-230A 230 3,500 4

D4-270A 270 3,500 4

D4-300A 300 3,500 5

D4-320A 320 3,600 5

D6-300A 300 3,300 4

D6-340A 340 3,400 4

D6-380A 380 3,500 4

D6-400A 400 3,500 5

D6-440A 440 3,700 5

New D4/D6 technical speci? cations: Inboard

D4D6 HP RPM Rating

D4-175 I 175 2,800 4

D4-230 I 230 3,400 4

D4-270 I 270 3,500 4

D4-300 I 300 3,500 5

D4-320 I 320 3,600 5

D6-300 I 300 3,300 4

D6-340 I 340 3,400 4

D6-380 I 380 3,500 4

D6-440 I 440 3,700 5

D6-480 I 480 3,700 5 29

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