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Allweiler nets big pump order

Pumps to support Bil? nger Engineering & Technologies’ (BET)

Exhaust Gas Cleaning System for ships

BET Bil? nger was looking to expand Over the span of two years, CIRCOR of a scrubber system within an engine into new sectors outside of its traditional worked with BET Bil? nger to map out room, and planned its piping according- power and industrial customers, and the speci? cs of the new pump applica- ly. Each scrubber system would be com- identi? ed marine applications as a natu- tion for sulfur emission control. It had to prised of three seawater pumps and one ral ? t given the stringent new emission be suitable for speci? cation by shipyards quencher pump to cool the sulfur gases.

rules entering force with IMO 2020. and ship owners in time for 2020’s en- Once the solution had been estab-

BET Bil? nger’s industrial Exhaust Gas forcement of the new IMO regulations. lished, BET Bil? nger placed an order for

Cleaning Systems became a subject of For customers, the most critical criteria 168 pumps for 42 vessels to be delivered focus, but it had to be modi? ed to oper- include vessel space limitations; materi- in quick-turn intervals over two years for ate within the IMO requirements. Enter al requirements according to ? uid speci- the ? rst ships by the required deadline.

CIRCOR’s German Allweiler entity. ? cation and temperature; and time from MA-S is distinguished by having cou-

Scrubber pump systems chemically order to delivery. Two Allweiler cen- plings that incorporate a spacer section. facilitate the ? ltering of sulfur oxides, trifugal pump series – NIM and MA-S This eliminates the need to disassemble soot and larger particulates from exhaust – were suitable candidates to ful? ll such the motor and volute casing from the emissions at high temperatures and vary- requirements. piping during maintenance activities ing pH levels. Standard water pumps Using CIRCOR’s 3D modeling, Bil? n- such as replacing wear parts like a me- cannot withstand this operation. ger pinpointed the optimal con? guration chanical seal and bearings.

Over the span of two years, CIR-

COR worked with BET

Bil? nger to map out the speci? cs of the new pump application for sulfur emission control.

Photos courtesy CIRCOR Allweiler/BET Bil? nger 52 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • SEPTEMBER 2019

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