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Ship Repair & Conversion Annual

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Ship Repair

Activities and Investments in ship repair & conversion yards

Zhoushan IMC-YY Shipyard & Engineering Co.

“Green” Drydocks in China

Zhoushan IMC-YY is an innovator, with a family of automated systems to make ship mainte- nance clean & ef? cient.

Photo: Zhoushan IMC-YY

While the ship repair industry is not ment was touted by the yard as bringing tions. Dockelephant includes three se- generally lauded for being progressive ship repair and maintenance into a new ries based on different working heights or ‘green’, Zhoushan IMC-YY Ship- era by replacing conventional grit-blast- – 6m, 25m and 32m – making it suit- yard & Engineering Co., Ltd., a Chinese ing with UHP water jetting technology. able for different areas during docking ship repair and maintenance company, Since implementing the UHP process repair. According to the shipyard, its is both, a claim con? rmed by a num- in the pretreatment of ship hull surfaces, load capacity is larger and safer com- ber of independently developed repair from 2017 to date this solution has been pared with a cherry picker, and it meets ef? ciency tools, as well its recent win- applied to more than 500 ships. the demand of the ship dock repair as ning of the “National Green Ship Repair But the shipyard’s innovative spirit an operation platform (for hull cleaning,

Demonstration Enterprise” award, con- does not stop there, as it also researched blasting and painting, etc.). In addition ferred by the Chinese Society of Naval and developed a series of intelligent to Dockspirit and Dockelephant, IMC-

Architects and Marine Engineers in De- equipment dubbed ‘Dockelephant’, a YY has invented Dockforce, Dockcat, cember 2019. ? exible platform which is designed to Dockwhale and Paintvac, all designed

In March 2016, IMC-YY invented and take the place of the cherry picker as the to provide systematic solutions for dry- developed what it called the world’s ? rst next generation carrier for UHP de-rust- docks, making repair and maintenance high-ef? ciency UHP water-jetting/de- ing and automatic painting in drydocks. operations safer, more ef? cient and en- rusting tool with a direct vacuum sys- Dockelephant is remote controlled vironmentally friendly. IMC-YY’s solu- tem. Named Dockspirit, and also known and con? gurable to carry various work- tions for anti-corrosion treatment are all as the de-rusting machine, the develop- ing tools, integrating a variety of op- in service today. 46 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • January 2020

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