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Zero Emission Waterbus

While Norway ranks 120th among countries globally in terms of population size (5.3 mil- lion), it packs a powerful punch in the maritime world, as Norwegians rank near the top as mari- time and offshore industry innovators.

With decarbonization, digitalization and autonomy on the maritime docket, innovation from Norway stands strong as the Norwegian university of science and technology (NTNU) has established a new ? rm, Zeabuz, to promote

Photo: Wilhelmsen and build upon its newly devel-

Zeabuz’ (zero-emission 3D Printed Spares oped autonomous sea-bus) is an all-electric, 10-30 pax waterbus con-

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) launched an early adopter pro- waterbus concept cept designed to provide gram for 3D printed marine spare parts. On-demand manufacturing for emission-free autonomous mobility ser- is still in its infancy, but its impact on the ship spare industry should waterways trans- vices to cities and towns.

be signi? cant in the coming decade as vessel owners explore new portation. means to keep vessels running ef? ciently and cost-effectively. WSS recently said that Carnival Maritime, Thome Ship Management,

OSM Maritime Group, Berge Bulk, Executive Ship Management and Wilhelmsen Ship Management have all signed up with Wilhelm- sen’s Marine Products division to begin using on-demand additive manufacturing. WSS, in cooperation with Ivaldi Group, will provide spare parts on demand to the selected six customers’ vessels globally.

Parts will be produced on-demand, helping to reduce or eliminate many costs, including parts storage, shipping, customs and receiving processes. From local micro-factories, Wilhelmsen are taking manu- facturing ever closer to the end-user. Starting with smaller polymer and metal parts in the comfort critical category, spare parts are 3D printed and delivered within hours to vessels who subscribe to their services.

Photo: NTNU/Zeabuz

Spotlight: TOOLS

Deep Cut Hole Saws Quick Pipe Repairs Miko Plasters Polar Kit Tube Bending Solutions

L.S. Starrett has a new version Qwik-Freezer Pipe Freezing The Miko Plasters Polar Kit Schwarze-Robitec’s electric of the Starrett Deep Cut Bi- System eliminates the need to provides a defense against the tube bending machine, the

Metal Hole Saws with a distinct drain pipework by creating a risk of being holed by ice. The CNC 25 E TB MR, is capable of variable pitch tooth design, freeze plug. The Qwik-Freezer system provides for application bending tubes with diameters featuring a pattern of seven dif- is a cost effective, quick way to of a magnetic patch to seal as small as 25mm. The sys- ferent progressive teeth called perform pipeline maintenance holes caused by accidental tem helps to reduce production

NVP Tech (New Variable Pitch). without draining the system. contact with hard ice. time 20-40%.

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