Intermarine Electronics — Regional Dealer Seminar

intermarine electronics  regional dealer seminar

Intermarine Electronics recently held a meeting at its headquarters at St. James, N.Y., for its dealers from New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. The occasion marked the introduction of the company's new marine radar, the "Intermarine 705," which was demonstrated in operation at nearby Stony Brook Harbor. The new radar is a compact two-unit equipment introduced for use by commercial fishermen and yachtsmen who want radar performance out to 32 miles without the expense or complexity of other contemporary sets. Deliveries commenced in October, and the radar is backed-up by a nationwide network of sales and service dealers. Pictured above are attendees at the St. James meeting. Top row, left to right: Ludwig K. Rubinsky, Electronautical Equipment Inc.; George Mihailidis, Connecticut Marine Electronics Inc.; Philip D'Ambra, Intermarine Electronics Inc.; Carsten Peters, Arnessen Corp.; John P. Glynn, Intermarine Electronics Inc.; James Chapman, Griffith Marine Navigation, Inc.; Jack Wall, Electro-Nav, Inc.; Nick Edmondson, NPE & Associates, Inc., and Frank J. Cizin, Maritime Communications Inc. Bottom row, left to right: Peter Calimano, South Shore Marine Radio, Inc.; John T. Koleda, South Shore Marine Radio, Inc.; Keith Dickenson, Intermarine Electronics Inc.; Werner Brack, Intermarine Electronics, Inc.; Gerald Gutman, Nav-Com, Inc.; Murray Cohen, Rad-Com, Inc., and Edwin Foy, Seatronics, Inc.

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