N e w York S N A M E Hears Paper On Computer-Based Preliminary Design

n e w york s n a m e hears paper on
computerbased preliminary design

A recent meeting of the New York Metropolitan Section of The Society of Naval Architects heard a paper titled "A New Approach To Computer-Based Preliminary Ship Design." The authors were Dr. Farrokh Mistree and Timothy D. Lyon, both of the University of Houston. The following paragraph is a brief abstract of their discussion.

This paper presented a new computer-based method to carry out the preliminary design of ships using the latest advances in computer programming and optimization approaches. It uses an advanced, multiple objective, nonlinear optimization package that can handle the most complete design problems. The program has consistently produced designs that are superior to those using conventional methods. The new method makes an important contribution toward the automation of the preliminary design stages. Nicholas Bachko was the honored guest at the meeting. Mr.

Bachko graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in 1942, and sailed as a merchant marine officer until 1946. He came ashore with United States Lines, rose through the ranks from assistant superintendent engineer to senior vice president for planning and development, and retired in 1979. He joined SNAME in 1950. He is a Life Member of the Society and serves as a member of the Technical and Research Steering Committee.

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