New Engine Program For Sterndrive Packages Detailed In Free Literature

Marine Drive Systems of Edison, N.J., is offering literature describing its recently announced new private label type program with certain suppliers of mediumsized marine engines. Under this program, engine companies will have the capability of offering directly, or through their outlets, a completely integrated sterndrive propulsion package centered around the latest 100 Series STERN-POWR product line.

Emphasis will be directed to simplify package definition, presentation and handling for each engine. For special customer requirements, applicable drives will be furnished in cartons complete for delivery with the engines, ready for customer installation.

STERN-POWR drive systems are available in several different forms with a wide variety of combina1 tions of reduction ratios and rotational direction to suit mating engines and vessels. All standard drives are furnished with heavy duty electrohydraulic trim/life systems. Steering systems are of the latest type marine gear operation Popular accessories are also available including trim angle indicators, controls, auto pilots and power steering.

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